Serve you with satisfaction and the highest level of customer confidence.

Are you looking for professional workers or you are looking for a suitable job for your career.
You have come to the right place!

SHB is not only one of the job vacancies service providers, but we are also one of the best-rated employment service providers on employee evaluation portals worldwide.
For us, employee satisfaction and employer satisfaction are the foundation of our Mission.

We uphold the quality standards of job seekers and the best service for employing companies and To this end, we consistently align our company processes with one that maximizes and prioritizes the skills of our participants and benefits our customers & This is reflected in our appreciation for the highest level of customer and service personnel trust.

We offer all modern personnel management services and technology services. Our personnel is required to attend professional training in their respective career fields targeted by participants with a minimum of 2 years of experience or study in their field.
Our range of services includes human resource advice for temporary or Contract work.

Trust in our excellent personnel service

Our experienced experts in more than 171 branches nationwide provide you with advice in a solution-oriented manner and with industry knowledge. Feel free to contact us – we look forward to personally introducing you to our portfolio of services.

Who we are and why we should work together ?

SHB was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Indonesia, SHB specializes in personnel management for companies and job management as well as for job applicants. With more than 171 branches in Southeast Asia, SHB is one of the leading personnel service providers in Southeast Asia. Our company offers innovative solutions for business people as well as society. This competence is a solution to suppress the increasing number of unemployed people in Southeast Asia.

The scope of services includes all modern personnel management value chain modules: human resource consulting, temporary employment, personnel placement, temp-to-perm solutions, master vendor solutions, on-site management, temporary management, and in-person search.

Our Partners

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