If you are an Employment Training Center and interested in our job offers, please contact us by mail or by using the contact form for requests for cooperation.
Then we will contact you with a suitable quote.

Before you apply for cooperation with us, please pay attention to the following agreement:

The legal status of the Partner
1.1 Partner is an independent company dealing under its own name, for its own account
, and at its own risk.
2.1 Partner is not authorized to act in the name and/or for the account of SHB
within the terms of this Recruitment Agreement.
3.1 Partner shall not create any rights and/or obligations between SHB and
third parties.
2.2 Obligations of Partner
2.1 Either Partner shall not do or permit anything to be done to prejudice the market
image of the Services and/or the other Partner.

2.3Partner agrees to carry out its duties and obligations as Partner, and
accommodate/arrange the provision of the Services, in a manner that will not
violate any applicable law or regulation, and in a manner that will not affect in any
the adverse way the reputation or goodwill of I Work Overseas, the Services, the Trade
Names and/or the Trademarks.

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